Philosophy & History

Our Philosophy

Sustainability is front and center for everything we do at Threemile Canyon Farms. We’re continuously focused on improving our “closed loop system.” We test and adopt new technologies, and occasionally implement tried and true, traditional farming techniques. For example, we grow mustard as a “green manure” cover crop to control disease and add fertility on our organic acres.

We grow conventional and organic crops in an earth-friendly way, emphasizing reusing and recycling. Our conventional and organic dairies put each individual animal’s health and well-being first, ahead of everything else.

Our team carries on its Oregon heritage culminating in 300 plus team members and their families who proudly live and work beside our fellow rural Oregon residents.

Our progressive internship program underwrites regional students’ higher education pursuits and offers a permanent employment opportunity upon graduation. A safe and rewarding work environment helps ensure team member longevity, but also appreciation and adoption of our philosophy, which is demonstrated every day by their actions at work and in our local communities.

Farming Responsibly Since 1999

Since we started farming Threemile Canyon Farms in 1999, we’ve challenged ourselves to question long standing agricultural practices. “Business as usual” really has no meaning at Threemile, because we know that as the population grows and the world changes, we must continuously adopt new and better technologies and operational practices to remain relevant and successful. 

Our farm community -- including team members, the local area residents and businesses, and customers -- are the catalysts driving our success. We demonstrate our respect for the environment by employing the best from science and nature, with a little bit of art crafted in. We strive to lead by example and believe farms of all sizes can and should co-exist to successfully feed the growing population while preserving earth’s resources for future generations.