Taking Responsible Farming to the Next Level

At Threemile Canyon Farms we manage our natural resources, and control pests and disease using the most sustainable, effective techniques based on experience and scientific research. Nature-based farming practices sometimes prove as effective as the latest advances in high-tech equipment. 

For example, we grow mustard on organic fields before planting potatoes, onions, and carrots to reduce weeds and prevent disease. The mustard naturally suppresses disease, like verticillium, while improving soil health and texture. 

Our Farm Interns scout our conventional fields daily for pests, to ensure we apply crop protectants only when needed, and at the right amount. Interns take weekly soil and plant tissue samples on all crops to optimize crop nutrient management. 

Protecting Our Most Valuable Resources

Water conservation is a prime example of our commitment to the wise use of our natural resources. When we first started farming here, we voluntarily gave back some of our Columbia River water rights. For us, the reason is simple: Protecting and preserving our natural resources is the right thing to do.

Our state-of-the-art irrigation system ensures we use only what the crops need and not a drop more. We minimize water loss through evaporation with our low-pressure irrigation technology.

We recycle and reuse all our non-potable water as “green water” or “effluent water”. We collect the green water, inject it into our irrigation system, and apply it to the fields to fertilize growing crops. Each application of green water equates to one less conventional, fossil-fuel based crop nutrient application.

Our dairy waste management system is based on zero discharge, meaning nothing from the dairy enters streams or groundwater sources.