Animal Welfare

Employee-driven animal welfare team takes responsibility for knowledge and best practices of animal welfare. They then train their fellow team members to ensure the health, care, and comfort of every member of our herd.

Best in Class Animal Welfare Practices

At Threemile, we think our three-pronged animal welfare program is second to none:

  1. Our Animal Welfare Committee is made up of team members who meet monthly to advance knowledge about animal welfare and share information broadly with others.
  2. Monthly visits by our NW university-based Animal Advocate Veterinarian for inspections, team member education, and the newest research and data insights continuously improve our practices.
  3. Validus, an internationally recognized outside and independent animal welfare auditor visits every year to conduct a thorough inspection and present us with a report card.

Healthy Cows: Getting it right from the start

We keep detailed, computerized records on every calf to monitor health, feeding regimens, and animal welfare. Our farm takes a proactive approach to keeping our calves healthy by anticipating and heading off problems. 

Herd Management

We use the latest animal identification technology, including electronic identification (EID) scanners and handheld computers. Use of the EID system ensures improved record accuracy on each individual animal.