Conventional Products

Expertise Rooted in Decades of Responsible Farming 


Located in Oregon's Columbia Basin — widely regarded as the world's premier potato-growing region — Threemile Canyon Farms is a leader in high-quality potato production.

Consumers all over the world enjoy our potatoes when they eat french fries from restaurants or other food-service outlets. Our conventionally grown potatoes are made into a variety of tasty sides, including:

  • French fries, potato chips, and other processed potato products
  • Potato-based snacks

Sweet Corn

Picked at the peak of ripeness, our sweet corn is perfect for fresh market or frozen processing. 

Sweet Peas

Sweet with a firm texture that holds well during processing. 

Green Beans

Whether for a frozen vegetable mixed blend or standalone, you'll love the taste and texture of these green beans. 


Bright orange and a great source of beta carotene, our carrots deliver the savory flavor consumers crave. 

Feed and Export Crops

  • Alfalfa – high quality non-GMO alfalfa for domestic and export livestock feed markets
  • Wheat – exclusively high protein Dark Northern Spring wheat for export markets