Organic Products

Choose From a Variety of Organically Grown Products:

  • Fresh organic produce
  • Organic grains and feed

Round White Potatoes – Our heritage is potatoes. And since we've been growing potatoes for over 50 years, you can rest assured our organic potatoes are top quality. Grown for chip manufacturing, these round white potatoes’ shape makes for some irresistible potato chips.

Onions – Onions speak the universal language of savory goodness. Whether you prefer sweet or a more pungent Spanish yellow, our onions are grown organically with love and care right here in Boardman, Oregon.

Grain Corn – We are key suppliers of organic corn and grain for the organic livestock industry.

Alfalfa – We grow a variety of grains and feed, including organic alfalfa for feed. Grown with the same care and attention as our other organic crops, our alfalfa is packed with nutrients for a variety of livestock needs.

Sweet Peas – Bright green and bursting with flavor, our organic sweet peas are ideal for processing because they hold their shape and texture, even after blanching and freezing.

Sweet Corn – Bursting with flavor and picked at the peak of ripeness, sweet corn processors trust us to produce the sweetest and firmest kernels for the organic vegetable consumer.

Carrots – These brilliant orange organic carrots are packed with nutrients and flavor. Grown using all-natural inputs and gently harvested at the peak of flavor and goodness. 

Blueberries – Patience and uniform ripeness are why our organic blueberries are naturally sweet and delicious. And best of all, they’re grown right here in Oregon.