Organic Products

Choose From a Variety of Organically Grown Products:

  • Fresh organic produce
  • Organic grains and feed

Onions – Onions speak the universal language of savory goodness. Whether you prefer sweet or a more pungent Spanish yellow, our onions are grown organically with love and care right here in Boardman, Oregon.

Grain Corn – We are key suppliers of organic corn and grain for the organic livestock industry.

Alfalfa – We grow a variety of grains and feed, including organic alfalfa for feed. Grown with the same care and attention as our other organic crops, our alfalfa is packed with nutrients for a variety of livestock needs.

Carrots – These brilliant orange organic carrots are packed with nutrients and flavor. Grown using all-natural inputs and gently harvested at the peak of flavor and goodness. 

Blueberries – Patience and uniform ripeness are why our organic blueberries are naturally sweet and delicious. And best of all, they’re grown right here in Oregon.