Quality Dairy Produced Responsibly

Our 33,000 dairy cows produce 2 million pounds of milk each day. Our predominately Jersey herd provides milk that is richer in butterfat and valued by cheese makers.

Milk and Proteins

  • Cheese
  • Whey Protein
  • Lactose
  • Beef

Traceability and Biosecurity

  • Every cow is tagged and tracked in our computerized database, which contains detailed health history records on each animal.
  • We raise our own next generation cows, giving us complete oversight and traceability of our herd through its life cycle.
  • Our animals never leave the farm, ensuring excellent biosecurity with a highly controlled environment preventing the introduction of disease from the outside world.
  • Our farm and dairy have at minimum 10 miles of buffer zones from every direction.

Our Best Dairy Practices

  • Zero artificial growth hormones: Threemile Canyon Farms' cows are not injected with rBST or any other artificial growth hormones to increase milk production.
  • Buffers: Our 180-acre dairy operation is in the center of the 93,000-acre farm complex, providing sufficient buffers from neighboring communities.
  • Milking: Our milking parlors blend high efficiency with healthy and humane treatment of our herd. Round-the-clock milking occurs from six, state-of the-art carousels in two parallel milking parlors. 
  • Balanced diet: Our dairy herd is fed a balanced ration of commodities raised on the farm — corn, alfalfa, and other feed crops — supplemented with culls, peelings, and other leftovers from processing our commercial potato and other crops.