A Real Sense of Family at Threemile Canyon Farms

In many ways, Threemile Canyon Farms is like home for Stephanie Mendoza, Dairy Finance Manager, and it’s a place that’s been special to her for a long time. From her childhood years, when her family lived on the farm, Stephanie holds fond memories of riding alongside her father through the fields. Those experiences sprouted an affection for the farm that would grow into a passion for the agriculture industry - a passion some might say runs in the family.

Stephanie is a part of the third generation of members from the Madrigal family to build careers at Threemile, a history that extends back to when her grandfather, Adolfo, emigrated from Mexico and found a job on what would eventually become Threemile Canyon Farms more than 30 years ago.

"It feels like I belong here."

Stephanie Mendoza, Dairy Finance Manager

Stephanie’s father Saul would follow in his father’s footsteps, traveling to Oregon to work on the farm and raise his family. Simply growing up in and around the farm environment made an impact on the path Stephanie has taken, but even more influential, she says, is the way she’s watched her father’s career unfold.

“My dad didn’t have a formal education when he came to the farm in his teens, but over the years, he’s grown and moved up the ladder because the company has provided opportunities for him to train and learn and become a leader here.”

Today, as Forage Manager, Saul oversees 20 to 25 team members between commodities and forage. In addition to Saul and Adolfo—who, in his 70s, still helps out on the farm—Stephanie’s grandmother (Martha), mother (Maricela), uncles (Filadelfo and Fernando), and younger brother (Kevin, who recently wrapped up a summer internship) are part of the Threemile team, as well.

Three generations of Madrigal family members have built careers at Threemile Canyon Farms. Pictured left to right: Saul, Stephanie, Fernando, Filo, and Kevin.

In fact, many Hispanic team members at Threemile come from the same small community in Michoacán, Mexico, and it’s no coincidence. Over the years, experiences like Saul’s have been shared through word of mouth, illustrating the perks of working at Threemile, and today, a strong sense of community exists among team members who were friends and neighbors even before moving to the United States. 

Like her father, Stephanie has seen the value of Threemile’s dedication to supporting team members. From scholarships to summer internships, part of her education and experience has direct ties to the farm.

After her last internship, Stephanie took a job elsewhere, wanting to gain new experiences outside the farm setting, but she always kept an interest in returning. When the opportunity for her current role arose, the move back to the farm just felt right.

“Having been around the farm since I was young, and now, getting to see my dad so often at work, it feels like I belong here.”