Land Sustainability & Stewardship

Reuse and Repurpose

Feeding cattle byproducts from vegetable processing is an effective way to reuse and repurpose. At Threemile, it's just one tool we use to responsibly manage our resources.

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It All Starts With the Cow

The Threemile closed loop system means that the dairy and crop farm sustain and improve each other. Check out how it all works in our latest blog!

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Threemile Team Continues Partnership to Protect Undisturbed Native Terrain in Columbia River Basin

Through an agreement between Threemile, The Nature Conservancy, Portland General Electric, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 23,000 acres were set aside to establish the Boardman Conservation Area (BCA), protecting one of the last undisturbed expanses of native shrub-steppe terrain in the Columbia River Basin.

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Closed Loop Agriculture – It Starts with the Cows

At the core of our operations at Threemile Canyon Farms is our closed-loop system, whereby we constructively use everything that’s created in a sustainable cycle of productivity that begins and ends with the cows.

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