Our View: Agriculture a Big Tent

Oregon agriculture is a big tent. From the smallest acreage in Western Oregon to the largest ranch in Eastern Oregon, from the newest hemp farm in Central Oregon to the multi-generational grass seed operation in the Willamette Valley, and whether they follow conventional, organic or even biodynamic practices, they are all Oregon farmers.

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Money From Manure

A thousand miles separates Threemile Canyon Farms in Eastern Oregon, surrounded by high desert and sagebrush, from the crowded freeways of Los Angeles.

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Diverse Community of Dairies Thrives on Collaboration

When Louie Kazemier of Rickreall Dairy is looking to make an improvement on his farm, he prefers to do so with his eyes wide open. In the world of dairy, that means checking with others in the dairy industry – others who aren’t hesitant about sharing.

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A Farming Field Revolution for Healthy Soil

The cover crop is planted without tilling the soil, using special no-till equipment that penetrates through existing vegetation. In the spring, when it’s time to plant the corn again farmers plant it into the cover crop without tilling the soil.

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6 Farming Myths We Wish the Public Would Stop Clinging To

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine about misconceptions that happen about her chosen field. She works with nuclear power plants for a living, and some activist segments are mission-based to complain about energy. Maybe the form of energy is inefficient or it’s not green enough, etc. But when you learn from people like her, the engineers that do it for a living, you have to wonder why the activists choose to ignore the experts and the facts about just how far they’ve come with technology and how eco-friendly many of their businesses really are.

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