Threemile's Own Greg Harris Provides Leadership on Global Potato Issues

Earlier this month, Greg Harris, Threemile Director of Farming and Agronomy was voted in as Chairman of the Oregon Potato Commission (OPC). The OPC represents the industry in educational, trade development, research, legislative affairs, and public relations activities. Threemile partners with a number of industry organizations to advance the interests of agriculture. In February, Harris traveled to Washington DC for the National Potato Council (NPC) Summit, and most recently traveled to Lake Tahoe for the NPC summer meeting. To celebrate his achievement and share about the OPC we sat down with Harris to ask a few questions:

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New Crop of Interns Growing their Skills at Threemile

Summer interns arrive at the farm for an 18th year of mentorship and memories.

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Threemile Team Continues Partnership to Protect Undisturbed Native Terrain in Columbia River Basin

Through an agreement between Threemile, The Nature Conservancy, Portland General Electric, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 23,000 acres were set aside to establish the Boardman Conservation Area (BCA), protecting one of the last undisturbed expanses of native shrub-steppe terrain in the Columbia River Basin.

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Diverse Community of Dairies Thrives on Collaboration

When Louie Kazemier of Rickreall Dairy is looking to make an improvement on his farm, he prefers to do so with his eyes wide open. In the world of dairy, that means checking with others in the dairy industry – others who aren’t hesitant about sharing.

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Why Large (Family) Farms Are Good For The Environment

Large farmers — who are responsible for 80 percent of the food sales in the United States, though they make up fewer than 8 percent of all farms, according to 2012 data from the Department of Agriculture — are among the most progressive, technologically savvy growers on the planet. Their technology has helped make them far gentler on the environment than at any time in history. And a new wave of innovation makes them more sustainable still.

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