6 Farming Myths We Wish the Public Would Stop Clinging To

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine about misconceptions that happen about her chosen field. She works with nuclear power plants for a living, and some activist segments are mission-based to complain about energy. Maybe the form of energy is inefficient or it’s not green enough, etc. But when you learn from people like her, the engineers that do it for a living, you have to wonder why the activists choose to ignore the experts and the facts about just how far they’ve come with technology and how eco-friendly many of their businesses really are.

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Farm Babe: Hey Natalie Portman, here’s why your term ‘factory farm’ is so offensive

I woke up this morning tagged on some rebuttal tweets to actress Natalie Portman where she had railed against “factory” farming and how awful it is. She’s partnered up with some “go vegan” activist groups in New York City to make a new anti-meat movie. In it, she talks about the efficient “steel masterpieces” of agricultural facilities that increase production, while also claiming that they are designed to help keep the operation secret from the public.

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The Great Non-GMO Deception

Learn more about food companies claiming what's not in your food... and never was.

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Boardman Fire Department Receives Community Builder Grant

Boardman Rural Fire Protection District is the recipient of a grant through a special Volunteer Fire Department focus of its Community Builder program.

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