Celebrating 25 Years of Forward Farming

Ground temperatures are rising, seed is arriving, and tractors are in the fields- all signs that spring planting is here.

While all of us at Threemile Canyon Farms look forward to a new growing season we’re particularly excited for this planting: It marks our 25th year of responsible farming in the Columbia Basin.

From our earliest days, we committed ourselves to raising the bar in sustainable agriculture. We take great pride in the progress we’ve made-and continue to make-as a leader on this front.

We can now feed more people using less land and fewer resources. Ongoing investments in innovative technology, and processes enable us to increase efficiencies while producing the highest quality crop for our customers and cattle.

For example:

  • Our farms’ high-tech irrigation system allows customized water application in each field down to the sprinkler nozzle. Irrigation Technicians and farmers monitor the system 24/7 from the central control room or their phone or computer.
  • We use LaserWeeders, a machine outfitted with cameras and lasers to identify and kill weeds. This tool lessens weed pressures in our organic fields and reduces the need for hand labor.
  • Our tractors incorporate GPS to synchronize tillage, reduce field passes and minimize fuel usage.
  • Solar powered probes in the fields measure the moisture content of the soil. They send out electronic signals through the soil, providing our team with real-time field data.
  • Farmers monitor potato storage conditions, such as temperature and humidity, from their phone. This helps our team ensure the environment stays consistent for our crop, helping with quality and freshness.

While farming innovations and advancements have changed considerably over the past quarter century, one constant has remained: People are at the heart of what we do at Threemile.

From agronomists to the tillage crew, we rely on the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our team members to continually improve our business. We employ those just starting their agriculture careers as well as seasoned farmers who have farmed in this region for over 30 years. Each brings a unique set of experiences that help us be sustainable farmers.

As we start this new milestone season, we look forward to our next 25 years and the challenges and rewards ahead.