Threemile Honors Our Veterans

Military service is a longstanding tradition in Jonathon Springstead’s family. His grandfathers served in World War II and the Korean War; his father and uncles served in the Vietnam War. Springstead always felt a calling to follow in their footsteps and serve. He joined the Oregon Army National Guard in 1996, finding it an effective way to fulfill that calling while completing college.

Jon Springstead reunites with his wife and son in 2007.

Springstead completed basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. He was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, Armored Cavalry Regiment and later the 141st Support Battalion, where he served as an 88M Motor Transport Operator. In this role, Springstead was tasked with the transportation of ammo, food and other supplies in support of the armored cavalry during field training.  

In February 2006, Springstead departed for Camp Shelby, Mississippi, to prepare for a deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. During this time, he was posted near Mazar-i-Sharif and Kabul. He returned stateside in May 2007 to demobilize and, in June, rejoined his wife and young son — a moment Springstead forever cherishes.  

Today, Springstead oversees five zones covering 28,000 acres of Threemile farmland. He leads a team of Zone Managers, responsible for tillage, water, fertilizer, pests, growth, maturity, harvest and more for each zone.    

Threemile Veterans Richard Kummer, Justin Shelton, Bill Snyder, Jon Springstead and Nick Benavides.

Springstead’s favorite part of the job is the variety of unique challenges offered by every growing season. Mother Nature calls for a high level of teamwork, and many lessons from his military experience — interpreting and following orders while leading and inspiring focus in others — help him and his team succeed each day.